Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dementia Care

This workbook builds upon the person-centred approach to dementia care, and gives students, practitioners and carers a new way of looking at dementia and the people who live with it. The authors reflect upon the reality of working within dementia care and the importance of working positively with others to achieve the best care possible. The workbook is full of exercises and activities to try, all designed to help you engage and connect with the person with dementia, empowering both them and their families/carers. Key topics explored by the workbook includes:
  • Understanding how it feels to live with dementia.
  • Recognising the issues and feelings involved for family carers or healthcare professionals when caring for individuals with dementia
  • Questioning your own care approach and attitudes to encourage more compassionate person-centred care
Throughout the workbook, vignettes featuring two fictional characters living with dementia, provide examples of good and realistic practice and encourage you to examine your own practice and explore ways in which the care you give can be enhanced.

The Dementia Care Workbook is a valuable companion and learning tool for all those working with people with dementia

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